For more than 17 years we’ve been using our insights to develop strategic outcomes that help our clients grow their business.We are a company that prides itself on integrity, values and a commitment to fair and transparent prices for expert services.

Our Team consists of Experts in all Facets of Marketing.

Our Founder and MD

Joan Macdougal
Joan Macdougal

About Joan

Joan has 30 years experience in business strategy and marketing. She set up Macrison 17 years ago to address many areas of marketing services that frustrated her when a corporate buyer. “I built Macrison to be a great marketing, advertising and communications company addressing all the aspects of these businesses that were done badly when I was a buyer of their services. ” And Joan stands behind this statement. Prior to Macrison Joan served at Telstra finishing up as a Director in Telstra Wholesale. She then served at American Express as a Regional Director in Establishment Services. Responsible for a $9bUSD business in the Asia Pacific. Joan enjoyed great success in this role. Her University Alumni is CSU.

Today Joan focuses on helping businesses get better sales and revenue results through innovative and unique marketing approaches. Joan gets that marketing, advertising and communications must be accountable. Without accountability, you ‘re not committed to results. She puts her money where her mouth is by offering fixed priced services, especially around creative development.

Our company structure

Client Success Team

The key meaure of our strategic team is your results.

Monitoring Your Results

This team is about planning, measuring and reporting your performance against your investments.  We’ll keep you informed.

Digital Seekers Dept.

Our seekers keep abreast of the digital stratosphere.

Tech Team

These are our developers, SEO specialists, social media gurus. Or our lovable nerds. We’re at the bleeding edge in new age solutions for you.

Advertising Team

Gets you great ads across all advertising mediums

Rock Stars

From creative, design and production, to cross channel buying and placement, our ad team think they’re rock stars. And we couldn’t agree more!

Communications Hero's

Creating the stories that will showcase your business

Telling your story

In words or imagery and across all mediums our comms hero’s build content, copy and visualization to inspire your customers.

Client Services Team

We understand so we're on call and at hand when you need us

We care

We never want our customer’s to feel that they are any less important to us then any other customer. That’s our promise to you.

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Marketing, advertising and communications:

We Sell Results

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